August 13, 2020

How to Install Limestone Balustrade Staircase

How to Install Limestone Balustrade Staircase

  1. Layout the balustrades and make sure they are evenly spaced at both ends then install the posts on both ends of the deck or property
  2. Place the post and glue the bottom edge with polyurethane construction adhesive or it is for stopping the concrete infill from leaking out.  Make sure it’s cured, then pour concrete from top to fill the hollow part with about 6” to 12” high so as to create dead load to secure the post. 
  3. Install the bottom rail of the balustrade by filling the void with concrete at both ends.  (Note, if drain hole required, then cut open void of about 2” to 3” high by 6” to 8” wide.)
  4. Layout the position of the spindles (Note: The space between spindles must not be more than 4” wide as per building code)
  5. Erect the spindles and make sure they are vertical in all directions
  6. After spindles stationed, then install the top rail with cement. (Note: The joints between bottom rail, top rail, and joint between rail to the post must be filled with PL for structural purpose.
  7. After all units are cured, caulk all joints with proper color. 
  8. Contact Priority Moulding for installation services.

Note:  We will produce and install engineering stone balustrade & wall cladding up to 4’ X 8’ porcelain tile per piece to blend into modern design housing. 

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