August 6, 2020

How to Install Architectural Mouldings

How to Prep & Install Architectural Moulding.

For Composite Exterior & Interior Mouldings:

The final approach is to surround the window on all four sides as close as possible to the frame of the window or door. 

The following steps are the common practices:

  1. Caulk the space between the scratch coat & the window frame, as the location will be covered by the window casing after installation.
  2. Measure the width of the window & cut the moulding for the window sill.  Do not forget to enclose the return on both ends.  To install the window sill, we usually screw a piece of 2” X 4” under the sill as the support which will also support the trim in future, therefore common practice is to complete all window sills before starting with the window casing. 
  3. Use Versabond professional thin-set mortar or PL Premium to bond all mouldings to the scratch coat. You only need to cover the bonding material for 50% of the moulding.  Double check all moulding are level & vertical before leaving.
  4. Repeat the steps for installation of trim on both sides & the top of window or door.
  5. Contact Priority One Moulding for professional installation services. 

Note:  Usually at the top of the window, the casing will be obstructed by metal flushing, therefore we either cut or bend the flushing to accommodate the casing. 

For Crown, Column & Baseboard Moulding:

  1.  Basically, same as installation of the window casing except we have to screw the crown through the scratch coat to the plywood of the building & patch the holes afterward or for crown moulding usually we use hardware provided by supplier to secure to the building in addition to the common practice. 
  2. For columns, usually we install the base board moulding & the crown moulding, then install the columns at the last.  Again double check if the columns panel are installed vertically. 
  3. The corners of the columns can be butt joint, miter, recessed, therefore if not installed properly, the joints between panels will leave a big gap.
  4. Contact Priority One Moulding for professional installation services.

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