August 7, 2020

How to Prepare & Install Exterior Limestone Tile:


  1. Most of the limestone tile sold are in natural finish, and sealer is needed to be applied after installation.  Some of the products are pre-sealed as the installer needs to check if the bonded side are also pre-sealed.  If sealer is on, you must grind off the sealer and roughen the whole surface before applying the bonding material.
  2. Usually the tiles are 12” wide, check if the corner piece (Corner Quoin) are also 12” wide.  In some situation they have a ¼” difference in dimension

On Floor & Wall: 

Check if the floor is level, if not please consider applying self – leveling thin set as underlay before carrying on installation.  To lay tile In front of door opening, you should find the center line of door and start the first piece on both side of the center line.  Never start laying the tile from one side of the wall.  For material, use thin-set mortar evenly spread out with notch trowels and margin trowels.  Afterwards start laying the tiles and control the joint between tiles with spacer.  Contact Priority One Moulding for installation services.   

It is recommended to plot the guide line on the ground before starting to lay the tiles especially with special design pattern.

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